Dry County Brewing Company believes in pursuing your passion and inspiring others to pursue their own. We are the result of two Georgia natives, and long time friends, following their passion for making, sharing, and drinking great craft beer.

Regardless of what your passion happens to be -beer related or otherwise- Dry County Brewing Company wants you to 



who we are




A lifetime Georgian that fell in love with craft beer during his time at UGA (thanks to Athens Local Terrapin Beer Company), Trey began obsessively pursuing crafting his own recipes: boiling on his college apartment stove and fermenting in his closet. Free homebrew kept Trey's friends from telling him how ridiculous they found his dream of one day opening a craft brewery. 

After graduating from UGA and moving to Kennesaw to join the real world of 9-to-5'ers, Trey continued to keep the dream alive. Finally, in 2015, Trey decided to make his run and Dry County Brewing Company was born!



Head of Sales and Marketing

Jordan Cooper, or simply “Cooper” as he is known to his friends (If you’re drinking Dry County, then that’s you!), has always had a passion for sales. He didn’t find his passion for Craft Beer until his time as a student at Georgia Southern.

These days, if Cooper’s not out peddling Dry County brews, you can find him at Guston's Grille belting out a mean Aretha Franklin Karaoke rendition. If he's resting the golden pipes, you will probably still find him at a local watering hole doing some “market research”. Ask him to buy you a Dry County!




A Georgia Southern Grad that moved to Colorado to pursue a career in the outdoors, Steve fell in love with craft beer and the rest is history. After moving back home to Georgia and running a local homebrew shop Steve got his first shot on the professional side of the brewing industry with Red Brick Brewing in Atlanta; the oldest operating craft brewery in Georgia. Now with one of the youngest craft breweries in the state, Steve is excited to be able to ride his bike the long 0.8 miles from his front door in Kennesaw to his brewhouse at Dry County.



Market Manager.

Phillip has a nice camera. He is really good at taking pictures; that doesn't mean he is good at being in them. Having seen Phillip skillfully slingin' Dry County beers as a bartender at The Nest in Kennesaw, it was obvious he was a perfect fit to join the Dry County team. Phillip handles all sales and customer relationships for Cobb County and "ITP". 

P.S. If you disagree with that whole "bad in pictures" comment up top, we can get you Phillip's number no problem.

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Head Brewer