Introducing our Crowd Funding Campaign: BEER.

It is a question we get all the time, “does Dry County Brewing Company have a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign? How can I participate?” While we are very excited that you are interested, we have decided against the traditional crowd fund website approach for our launch later this year.

I hear you. Crowd funding has real benefits for cash strapped startups: The perpetual sharing of the campaign, as well as the branded merchandise that is typically associated with the various levels of giving, serve as great (inexpensive) forms of advertising and early drivers of brand awareness. Not to mention, the sense of connection and loyalty that is created when participating in a crowd funding campaign is undeniably powerful. No argument here. But, if you have read our previous post Another brewery. Because there aren't enough of those. you know that we aren’t starting Dry County Brewing Company to sell koozies and T-shirts (and Potato Salad). We are starting Dry County Brewing Company to put more great beer in the hands of more great people in the great state of Georgia.

We also believe that what you (those great people, of that great state) really want from Dry County Brewing Company is exactly that: great beer, and you want it now. That is why we are choosing to forego the traditional crowd funding prizes of Koozies and T-shirts (and Potato Salad) and get straight to putting delicious Dry County beer in the market. To do this, we are partnering with various brewery-owning friends, and we will begin brewing our Dry County beers at their breweries around the State and the Southeast while we build our own production brewery right here in Kennesaw! 

Site selection and build out of our Kennesaw facility to our exacting standards will take several more months and several more dollars, and we know you don’t want to wait to get your hands on Dry County beer; we know this because we don’t want to wait either. So, consider this your formal invitation to join our crowd funding campaign by drinking Dry County beer at your local bars and restaurants, and also take pride in knowing that every dollar we see goes directly into making our (yours and mine) Dry County Brewing Company Kennesaw brewery a reality.

We will continue to keep you updated through this blog, and social media, and running into you at bars, on the progress of the brewery and exactly when and where you can find Dry County beer.

Don’t worry- we also have pretty cool koozies and T-shirts if you still want those too.