"Where are you guys?"

“Where are you guys?”

There’s a singular question we get asked time and again in relation to Dry County. The question, I’ve learned, tends to take on many different meanings depending on who’s asking. Some meanings get poignant answers touching on the duality of man while others may just merit hearing us regurgitate our address or Facebook URL. That question is some form of “Where are you?”

When deciding to take this journey, neither Trey nor I took the jump lightly. That jump meant a lot of things had to go right to create this entity. We would leave behind security in the form of higher wages, stability in long-term positions with corporations and familiarity in branching out into both entrepreneurship and an industry we had only read about. So “where are you guys”? Well, without speaking too much for Trey, I’d say we are happy. No step in this journey is easy, and no amount of preparation (and there was a ton) could have had us expectant of the roller coaster that is starting a business. There’s the old adage that if you do something you love, you never work a day in your life. I personally think that’s someone trying to make life easier, but there is some truth to it. Whether or not you love it, its work, but the fruits of the labor are so much sweeter. In my case, getting to see my day-to-day directly reflect my efforts and knowing that it is building something even greater is a powerful and fulfilling feeling. So mentally, that’s where I am.

Along the journey there are both milestones and things that have to happen to keep the business progressing. When the two of those blend, the jubilation from the outcome is that much greater. One of those for the Dry County team was acquiring our building. So, “where are you guys”? We are proud to say we are at 1500 Lockhart Drive in Kennesaw, GA! Starting from day one of planning, which was years before we took the jump, we knew Kennesaw was the town we wanted to grow in. The search for a building took us through multiple real estate professionals and almost eight months of looking at various buildings that didn’t work for one reason or another. The arduous process was most draining because we had several other issues become resolved in that time, so for it to carry on like it did made the relief feel like the changing from a high tide during a flood warning when we signed the lease. The build-out is currently underway and we expect to have our doors open to the public during Q3 of 2016! So physically, that’s where we are.

When creating a business from scratch, you find yourself wearing many hats. Some things you never thought you’d do such as slogans, logos, merchandise, all become second nature as you mold your business into a brand that represents you and your vision. So, “where are you guys?” Our slogan, “Make Your Run!” was born out of us wanting to have a cross platform approach to a saying that applied to us and our journey, as well as something quasi-motivational for someone else. We wanted a slogan that could be broken down into something as simple as, “Out of beer in a dry county? Gotta make a beer run”, but could have deeper meaning as well. Creating Dry County Brewing Company was for Trey and I, making our run. That jump I spoke of earlier, that leap of faith so many have thought of taking, that venture out into the unknown; whatever yours is, we encourage you to make your run. So inspiration-ally, that’s where we are.

Just remember the next time you hear someone ask us “Where are you guys?” more thought has gone into that simple question than even we could have anticipated.




PS- Thank you for your continued interest and support in Dry County Brewing Company! We are so proud to have you on this journey with us as we Make Our Run! Keep an eye out for our newest release, Namesake, coming to a tap near you soon!