Introducing: Barron Sluder

The Dry County Team is growing. This week we have the pleasure to introduce Barron Sluder as Brewmaster of Dry County Brewing Company. Barron brings professional brewing experience to an otherwise "homebrew trained" team, and will be in charge of cranking out all of the Dry County IPA and Namesake humanly possible, as well as all of the exciting new beers we have in the pipeline for the tasting room and the market! While his professional brewing experience is a great addition, it is the fact that Barron is just as passionate about Craft Beer, and the Georgia Brewing Scene in particular, that makes him the perfect addition to Dry County!

We had Barron sit down and answer a few of the typical, and some of the not so typical, "get to know your brewer" questions. Here's what he had to say:

If you were stuck on a desert island with an unlimited supply of one beer, what would you hope it would be?:

Right now I would go with Cherry Street’s Groovy Child Guava Cream Ale, full of flavor and refreshing!

What is your favorite style of beer (pick one!) to brew:

Brewing IPA’s has to be the most pleasant experience. The brewery becomes filled with the scents of light, sweet malts that quickly give way to powerful bursts of hop aromas.

You have experience at Burnt we have to ask...what is the weirdest ingredient you've ever put in a beer:

Captain Crunch Berries! Makes a pretty good stout, right Scott?

What is the worst mistake you've made brewing:

Early on I improperly sanitized a tank… Had to dump a whole pitch of yeast.

What is your favorite sports team, besides Kennesaw State Ice Hockey:

Carolina Hurricanes, of course!

What is your worst(best?) guilty pleasure:

My wife can back me up on this one, when I’m not tinkering with recipes or playing with the kids. I’m probably playing Xbox!

If you could sit down with anyone living/dead and have a beer who would it be:

The Great One Wayne Gretzky, or the great one in our industry, Matt Brynildson!