September 1st!

I DO DECLARE, that Georgia has existed in the past for far too long! It is time for a change, and change has come! Georgia has come to its senses and decided to ratify its brewery laws, meaning, we no longer have to abide by tour rules!

Some small back story if you are not familiar with the way Georgia has operated before September first, 2017, and the implementation of SB 85. Georgia was unable to sell beer to the public from its breweries. We as breweries had to offer a "Tour" and then give up to 36oz of beer to sample. You as a consumer could only purchase one tour every 24 hours.

With the implementation of SB 85, we are now able to sell beer from our bar as... a bar. How strange. Come in, grab a brew, bring a friend, shoot some pool, drink a coffee, have a good time. Our tasting room has vastly changed since you last saw it. We have added arcade games, a pool table and a juke box. 

No one likes drinking alone, so whether you've never been, or been a hundred times MAKE YOUR RUN to Dry County and lift a pint with us in celebration of new beginnings!