Safety Rob Blog #2

One of my areas of focus through my internship has been to attract local college students from KSU to our brewery. Easy task, I thought, what college student doesn't love drinking beer? Well, it turns out breweries aren’t like baseball fields and they require informing the population (student body) about their existence as opposed to chopping corn and throwing down some bases. Once I made this realization I started to dig into why Dry County is different and deserves the attention of those 21+, and this is what I found.

Make Your Run

Makes you want to hop in the bed of your buddy’s truck while yelling “YEE-YEE” down a dirt road on your way to pick up beer over the county line, right? It turns out it has a little deeper and sentimental of a meaning behind it.

We at Dry County Brewing Company believe in pursuing your passion and inspiring others to pursue their own.

How cool is that? Not only do we want YOU to make your dreams a reality, we also want to provide you with liquid confidence to make it happen (Responsibly, of course)! So, intrigued, I dug further and did what any sensible millennial would do. I googled “what’s passion”. As you can imagine some unintended (slightly intended) results appeared which made me refine my search and eventually landed me on a page with the title “Do What You Love! How to Identify & Pursue Your Passions”. On this page was a step by step guide about how to follow your passion, which I have conveniently listed for you below with my own answers. 

1.       Remember What You Loved as a Child

Now, since I believe in never growing up, and consider myself a giant child, I’m going to go ahead and say beer is what I love.

2. Eliminate Money from the Equation

I’m a college student. I’m so far in debt that the only way to not be crippled by stress and anxiety is to pretend money is a figment of my imagination. Done.

2.       Ask Your Friends for Feedback                          

I asked around, most everyone thinks beer is a good idea.

3.       Read through a University Course Catalog

They are too long, I skimmed it and got the important stuff I needed.

4.       Identify your Professional Hero

In an attempt to earn brownie points, I will list Trey and Cooper as personal inspirations for making a successful business through hard work and determination. 

5.       Think of What You Enjoy That You Also Do Well

I drinking beer and talking to strangers pretty well. I didn’t listen to my mom very well as a kid.

With all seriousness, I have found something im passionate about. It took some time and it wasn't a clear path to where I am now, but I am here and "Making My Run". If anyone else out there is "Making Their Run", I'd be curious to hear your story. Comment below!