Safety Rob Blog #3

How I Stay Safe

Before we dive into the lecture I would like to lay out the story for everyone to know how I achieved the name Safety Rob, and what credibility I have to give you a safety lesson. Being the intern, I am in charge of all tasks no one else wants to do, which lead to me cleaning the rafters. For the task at hand, I was armed with what was essentially a giant q-tip and a pair of safety goggles to keep dust from my eyes. Super exciting, I know. After a good laugh and proper OSHA training on eye and face protection, I was transformed from a mere intern into Safety Rob. (By the way, if you would like to receive the same training to become an eye and face safety expert, click HERE to complete the OSHA online course.)

Now that I have properly demonstrated my safety expertise, I would like to talk about something slightly more relevant to the general public and our brewery, Alcohol Safety!

Everyone has had some kind of safety lesson in their life about how to drink responsibly. You know that one 12oz beer is the equivalent to a 5oz pour of wine and a 1.5oz pour of liquor, also, that grain alcohol is just never a good idea. We all know that it takes us one hour to metabolize a beer and so on and so forth, but with craft beer pushing the limits of legal ABV, are all beers considered the same? 

The standard math of a drink is that one 12oz beer at 5% ABV equates to 0.6% alcohol/serving. That's the same alcohol by serving as a 1.5oz pour of liquor at 40%. Math is fun. Now with Georgia raising their legal beer ABV from 6% ABV to 14% ABV in 2004, you can essentially purchase and consume a beer that is 2X the ABV of a standard 12oz beer. Drinking our barleywine, Damn It All, which is 11.5% ABV and served in a 10oz glass, means that in one serving you are now consuming 1.15oz of alcohol. More bang for your buck! While this sounds exciting to the drinker, it is important to keep in mind that you are now playing a game that you don't want to lose. It will take you almost 2 hours to metabolize this one drink. 

While Safety Rob is about having a good time and laughing along the way, I truly believe in alcohol safety and want to make sure everyone is around to keep celebrating another day! Dry county has recently partnered with Safe Ride to ensure you are able to get home and come back to enjoy another beer with us. If you would like more information about what our partnership with Safe Ride means, email us at If you would also like to refresh your mind on drinking safely, more detailed information can be found HERE

Until next time my friends, 

Stay Safe!