Safety Rob Blog #1

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Hello, my heady compadres!

My name is Rob Hasse, or “Safety Rob” for those who follow DCBC on Facebook, and I am Dry County’s first official intern. I would like to document my journey for you all to follow as I stumble (mostly sober) through my growing pains out of the cushy life of school, and into the real world. The owners of Dry County have graciously given me a soapbox to stand on so you can all learn what goes on inside of my head. Just a heads up, it is a weird place. Nonetheless, I would like you all to follow me as I “MAKE MY RUN” after my passion of working full time for a craft brewery.

First, a short back story so you know who you’re reading about: I once was but a boy, who grew a beard, and upon doing so was given a beer, and my life changed forever. That’s all you really need to know. Oh, and I kind of look like Bob Ross.

Now onto me “Making My Run”:

Like many fellow college students, I have no idea where my life has been taking me these past 4 years. I’ve had the best years of my life, that have somehow mixed with the worst years of my life. I've tried new things (architorture, look it up) and fallen in love with new ideas just to forget about them the next day. I don’t think I’m horribly off the beaten path of most others going through this stage in life, but there has been one thing that drives me and that is that I want to work somewhere I’m excited to go to every day.

I was officially introduced to beer and the making of it through a class offered by Kennesaw State University called Fundamentals of Beer Brewing. It was a lot of money that didn’t count toward my major at all, but it was the best check I have written to the school in all my years. I became obsessed and quickly found myself living the beer snob life now that I knew how 4 ingredients magically became the liquid of the gods.

Once I made the decision to grow out my hair and beard, I had to make moves fast to find employment so I would not be deemed “homeless”. Luckily, Dry County Brewing Company posted an ad looking for tasting room employees, and my convincing cover letter “Hire me plz” did the trick.

Fast forward a couple months and after a realization that I want to be done with school, mixed with too many credit hours left before graduation, I managed to persuade (annoy) the good owners of Dry County into giving me this awesome internship. A couple months into my internship, and after gaining the name "SafetyRob" (come to the brewery for the story on that), I am closer than ever to working full time for a company I am truly passionate about and, more importantly, graduating! I will be updating these blog posts regularly for those interested in trying to understand my thought process. 

Enjoy yourself some Hoppy Little Beers until next time,


Side Story, if you are still reading: I managed to flood about 150 sq feet of the brewery under an inch of standing water a week before I started this internship. True story. The owners are going to find out about this through this blog post.