Dry County Distilled Craft Spirits

On December 4th, 2017, Dry County held court with the mayor and city council of Kennesaw, Georgia for the approval of a new liquor license. The license applied for allows Dry County to distill and sell craft spirits in the brewery. This will make Dry County the first brewery in the state to hold this license and distill craft spirits along with craft beer. 

Dry County's official press release is as follows:
"As with our recent launch of Dry County Coffee Roasters, Dry County Spirits will be available exclusively in our Kennesaw Tasting Room.

Most likely beginning in early 2018, for both on-site and to-go consumption. 

Exact product lines will be determined based on consumer feedback and demand, but initial offerings will include Gin, Rum, and White Whiskey. Dark spirits will naturally follow. 

Manufacturing both beer and distilled spirits at our Kennesaw facility will allow for increased creativity and experimentation in both realms, which has us extremely excited about the future of Dry County and the craft beverages that we produce.

We are excited to join the ranks of Georgia Craft Distilleries and look forward to working with them in the same collaborative ways we have worked with our Georgia Craft Brewery counterparts."

Our co-founder, Cooper, wanted to add "We started out with a very specific vision in mind to create great craft beer for a deserving audience. As we have settled into our role, that vision and role has expanded and we are so proud to add craft liquors to our profile as well! We can't wait to 'cheers' the community who has made it all possible once more and we promise to continue to do our best to set the standard for quality!" 

For more information on the story, follow the links below to the Marietta Daily Journal or Beer Guys Radio.