Welcome to Dry County's Student Page

Dry County is here to help you MAKE YOUR RUN toward your future!

Beer & College?

Since the dawn of higher education, beer and college have been synonymous without being synergistic. We are here to change that. We at dry county would like to become more than a local hangout spot for you and your friends, we want to be a tool YOU can use whether it be for a class project, raising money for your philanthropy, hosting an event, or meeting new people. Explore our site to see how we can help you MAKE YOUR RUN!



Class Projects

Research on a company has never been made easier. We would like to help you with any and all research projects from business to biology, there is more than meets the eye.



Raising funds for your philanthropy sure is easy when you hang at a brewery. Get in contact with us about how to fund raise the best way we know how.